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Refund Policy

At times, sudden change in plan takes place that forces the traveler to cancel or postpone their travel plan. When such a situation arises, even the booked flights could be cancelled since it is an emergency and nothing can be really done about it. We at TRAVEL SQR are always there to assist our customers whether it is getting the reservations done or refunding the money. Some of the different measures which a passenger normally goes through when on earth he/she needs to call a booked flight are-

  • While cancelling flights, it is advisable to acquire all the information concerning the flight. Passengers need to have e-ticket and credit card which they used while paying for the ticket. It will help them ease the procedure of cancelling flight tickets. Travelers also need to see whether their tickets would be refundable or not
  • After fetching all the flight information, travelers needs to contact TRAVEL SQR, who made all flight arrangements and have best refund policy. All the travelers who booked the tickets directly with the airlines need to get connected with the agent of airline flight reservation. You can gather the relevant information from both these ends. They both can make you aware if there are any additional requirements that are required to be completed prior to cancelling the flight.
  • All refunds are generally made by the similar mode of payment that was used during the transaction. But when the payment was done in cash, the refunds are done either by cheque and online transfer.
  • The refund of the flight tickets is normally initiated within 3 working days, when the cancellation is initiated. An e-mail confirming the cancellation will be sent to your email ID which was given at the time of booking.
  • It is important to note that it may take 3-14 days till the money is reflected into your account which depends how fast your bank shows the amount.
  • Airline personals and travel representatives normally ask all flight related information of the passenger when cancelling the flight tickets. Information that is generally asked comprises of personal information, passport details, flight details and your credit /debit card information. After authenticating the information, they can cancel the flight via their system.
  • Airlines are currently employing different rules just to prevent recurrent cancellation of flights by the travelers. Unbridled cancellation of flight tickets that are not booked again indicates loss of revenues for the airlines. Owing to this travelers are asked to know about the cancellation policies of that particular airline before booking the flight.

We at  believe that our clients are our priority and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Owing to this reason our devoted and hospitable staff is always available for your assistance on the other side of the phone. We attend all your queries with patience even if it is regarding refund because we look forward to have long term association with you. With our several customer care centers, we do not keep our clients hanging for long.

For more queries you can get in touch with our expert staff at our toll free number which is 1-844-666-1211 during any part of the day.

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